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This is a cut pile carpet in which two or more piles of yarn have been twisted and heat-set so that the tip of each carpet tuft is distinguishable on the pile surface. Sanonies have the tendency to show footprints and vacuum cleaner sweeper marks. When the carpet is brushed in one direction, the pile may assume a darker hue, while adjacent yarns brushed in the opposite direction may present a lighter hue.

Sometimes called velvet because of the velvet or velour appearance obtained by using staple yarn and high-density construction. Plushes provide a more formal appearance than other cut pile constructions. They are subject to revealing vacuum cleaner sweeper marks and footprints due to light reflection similar to a Saxony.

Textured cut piles also may be called "trackless", "foot-print free" and "stuffer-box". These names describe the tendency of this construction to show fewer footprints and sweeper marks than other cut pile construction. These constructions are obtained by stuffing yarn into a steam box and providing a kinked or curled yarn. The fiber is exposed to live steam to set yarn memory in this curled position. This curling of the fiber reduces light reflectance, thus reducing the appearance of footprints. Generally, when viewing a texture from the top, kinked yarns may provide a two-tone effect as a result of shade variations from reflected light.

A true frieze carpet is similar to a texture in that footprints and vacuum cleaner marks are disguised. The textured appearance is acquired by placing a high twist level on the pile yarns.
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